The Power of One Project

OCTOBER FOCUS: Creating the New Dream

Calling all peace seekers, meditators, healers, yogis, light workers, visionaries, intuitives, energy workers and agents of change.

Join us as we come together to share our vision for the brighter world we want to live in, and to channel our creative energies in a synchronized, virtual gathering.

The intention of this global visioning event is to demonstrate how one person, without a huge platform or following, can reach thousands of people and positively impact the world.

Creating the New Dream Global Visioning Event

Visualize: Using meditation, journeying, intention or imagination, we will participate in a synchronized group focus on October 1, 2020 to visualize the new reality and access the gifts or codes needed to bring it into being.

Share: After the event and throughout October, participants are encouraged to clarify their vision for a brighter future and share it with others. They can also submit their vision, wish, prayer, insight or intention to us via email, which we will include in "The New Story" we are collectively creating.

Activate: On October 31, 2020, we will come together again virtually for the second synchronized group focus, this time activating the collective vision we have created together during the month.  

Are you in? Scroll down and click "Count me in" to sign up and "Support the Project" to contribute to a brighter world.

Together we will harness the power of group intention and focus for personal, planetary and collective healing, while creating the world we've been longing for:

  • Participate in global synchronized group focus gatherings on October 1 and October 31, 2020.
  • Share your vision or dream for the brighter world
  • Add to The New Story we will be creating together
  • Receive tips to keep the momentum going after the event 


I felt called to do more than write another article for my newsletter. These times require something more. Was I really contributing to a better and brighter world or was I just deluding myself? Part of me said, "Even if no one ever read or experienced your work, it matters." To which another part responded, "Oh yeah? Prove it." Thus, The Power of One Project was born. My intention is to demonstrate how one person can reach thousands and positively impact the world. You can too. Click below to sign up and add your support.

Count me in!


This project is being offered using the principle of the gift, which means there is not a fixed price to participate. Participants will decide for themselves what amount feels right, clear and fair, reflecting their financial condition, their desire to support the work, as well as their feeling of value and gratitude. Zero is also welcome. Part of bringing the new reality into the here-and-now means contributing our gifts to the world, so I offer this project as a contribution, trusting the generosity of participants to support this and future Power of One projects.


The New Collective Story

In the brighter world we are creating now...

We regularly ask questions like, “What do the trees want?” and “What do the dolphins want?” and we receive answers, because we’ve sharpened our senses to hear and understand what they’ve been communicating all along.
- Karin

I took freedom
Around the Medicine Wheel
The 4 Directions
Indigenous Alchemy
Wondering if the Sun is free
If the reciprocity of Earth and Sky
Is the true nature of freedom
If living each moment in Ayni
Is the way to freedom
- Barbara

Random acts of kindness become conscious, regular and deliberate acts of generosity, which is our go-to response and native state.
- Paula

Wouldn't it be amazing if...?
How would you answer this question?

My dream for the world is...
Visualize the brighter world we are stepping into. The more we visualize and feel our dream each day, the stronger the field we create for its manifestation.  

We discover our unique gifts as children and are encouraged and supported by the community to pursue, develop and share them. - Julia

Visualize an ideal world where everything is possible, where the Earth and all forms of life thrive in their highest potential. What do you see? How does it feel?

In the brighter world we are creating, I regularly talk telepathically to my friend Mama Black Leopard from Saqqara Egypt. - Saundra

I wish that we humans can be whatever and however we want to be, without being limited by restricting and outdated gender roles. - Xenia