The Power of One Project

CURRENT FOCUS: Global Regeneration with Trees

Calling all peace seekers, nature lovers, meditators, Earth stewards, healers, visionaries, planet protectors and agents of change.

Join us as we come together to co-create the brighter world we want to live in, and to harness the power of group focus for personal, collective and planetary healing.

The intention of The Power of One Project is to demonstrate how one person, without a huge platform or following, can reach thousands of people and positively impact the world. For the next several months, we do that with trees.

Regeneration with Trees Global Call to Action

Connect: Connect to the healing properties and ancient wisdom of trees. Discover how to unlock the power of the forest and work with trees for regeneration and healing.

Protect: Every two seconds, humans destroy an area of forest the size of a football field. We will discover the leading drivers of tree loss and learn what each person can do not only to stop it, but to reverse it.

Plant: A single tree can absorb 4.5kg of air pollutants a year. Get more trees in the ground by supporting tree planting groups around the globe or by planting a tree yourself.

Activate: Participate in a global synchronized event to connect with the trees and ancient forests, activate the regeneration process and expand the field of collective awareness.

Are you in? Scroll down and click "Count me in" to sign up and "Support the Project" to contribute to a brighter world.

Together we will harness the power of group intention and focus for personal, planetary and collective healing, while creating the world we've been longing for:

  • Connect with like-minded creators who are living the brighter world now
  • Protect ancient forests and the stewards who care for them
  • Plant seeds of awareness and possibility in your community
  • Participate in a global synchronized group focus event on April 18, 2021 to restore balance and harmony on Earth 


I felt called to do more than write another article for my newsletter. These times require something more. Was I really contributing to a better and brighter world or was I just deluding myself? Part of me said, "Even if no one ever read or experienced your work, it matters." To which another part responded, "Oh yeah? Prove it." Thus, The Power of One Project was born. My intention is to demonstrate how one person can reach thousands and positively impact the world. You can too. Click below to sign up and add your support.

Count me in!


This project is being offered using the principle of the gift, which means there is not a fixed price to participate. Participants decide for themselves what amount feels right, clear and fair, reflecting their financial condition, their desire to support the work, as well as their feeling of value and gratitude. Zero is also welcome. Part of bringing the new reality into the here-and-now means contributing our gifts to the world, so I offer this project as a contribution, trusting the generosity of participants to support this and future Power of One projects.